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  • Samples

Samples are made available against payment which includes cost of samples and courier charges. It has to be in advance through our bankers, Western union or MoneyGram. For safe delivery, samples are sent through courier only. If the customer is not happy with the sample we will send the sample again till the satisfaction of customer.

  • Shipment Schedule and Delivery

Upon receipt of order from customer, an EDT (expected delivery time) is issued from the factory to the customer and cargo agent.

  • Shipment Ready Notification

The customer would be notified as soon as the shipment is ready.

In case of FOB shipment, customer would (at his own) ask his shipping/handling agent to collect the goods for shipment from the factory.

In case of CIF shipments, the factory would be responsible to arrange the shipping agent and hand over the shipment for further process/action at their own.

  • Shipping Documents

After the shipment is dispatched and documents are issued by the shipping line (i.e. Airway Bill or Bill of landing) the factory would dispatch the original documents to the customer for release of goods from the destination Air/Sea port.

  • Duties/Taxes at the Destination

The customer would pay all the taxes/duties applicable at the destination in both FOB and CIF cases.

  • Demurrage/Storage

If the customer fails to get the goods released within free time at port of destination, the demurrage so levied will be paid by the customer himself and factory would not be responsible for such loss.

  • Defective Goods/Manufacturing Errors

Products received by the customer not meeting the manufacturing, packing, quality, finish criteria set by the customer or not found as per pre-production samples will be deemed "defective “at the buyer's sole discretion. Such goods may be rejected or refused. The buyer will notify the factory within 15 days of physical receipt of goods in his ware house.

Buyer could charge all the expenses incurred as a result of the defects.

We will be responsible to replace the defective goods or refund the amount (expenses of defective goods) as per the buyer's choice.

If the consignment is in accordance with the approved sample, then the customer reserves no right to reject it.

Failure of the buyer to report such defects within 15 days of shipment arrival will lose his right of any such claim.

Highly Art Products Requirements

The buyer must place all purchase orders to the factory on their registered company valid e mail address (No fax or e-mail IDS etc. are acceptable).

The factory will issue "proforma invoice" to the buyer for their acceptance and approval.

Lead time will start after acceptance of proforma invoice and release of 50% advance payment by the buyer.

Payment Terms

Fifty % advance and 50% at the time when consignment is ready to be shipped.

Most importantly we adhere to the terms 1, 8 and 9 in order to protect our reputation and to fulfill commitments with the customers. Remaining terms are negotiable.


We have worked hard for decades to establish ourselves as a reputable and reliable supplier to the sports trade in Europe, USA and Australia. It is our motto to keep this name and respect up, through honesty and hard work. For us, our customers are just like our business and trade partners. We understand that protection of their interests is our moral responsibility so we intend to work in mutual interest. Successful growth of the business will also act as a bridge between Pakistan/Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

For Highly Art Products

Muhammad Hafeez


We take this opportunity to contact you on behalf of our company M/s HIGHLY ART PRODUCTS.

M/s HIGHLY ART PRODUCTS is leading manufacturer and exporter of all types of Boxing Equipment, Martial Arts Uniforms, MMA Gear & Clothing, Sportswear, leather ware and fitness accessories at competitive price.

We are supplying our products to Europe, Far East, Northern & Latin American countries. Our extended presence in this business since 1985 is attributed to the international standard of our products, confidence and trust of our customers in us.

Address: Defence Road, Tuheed Town, 16/A, Sialkot- 51310 - Pakistan
Tell: +92 52 3573045, 35733055 Online 24 Hour: +92 331 6114542  
E-mail: info@hapsgear.com , hap@hapsgear.com
sales@hapsgear.com , Skype: haproducts
URL: www.hapsgear.com
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