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Let us have the privilege to introduce our company "HAPs Gear Int’l"

HAPs Gear Group deals in Boxing, Martial art, MMA, Leather/Sports Wears and Fitness products. We have dedicated ourselves to the designing and manufacturing of these high quality goods.

Our management believes there is always room for improvement so we constantly update our products and keep our customers informed about the latest developments and products throughout the world.

Our strength in this business is;

  • Skilled manpower
  • State-of-the-art machinery
  • Best quality of products
  • Timely delivery of goods
  • Customer's satisfaction


How do we achieve that?

We acquire the three basic elements for production of quality goods at affordable cost.

Appropriate raw materials,

Latest machinery,

Quality control and quality management system


HAPs Gear offers a broad range of following products made to our traditional high standards of quality.

All types of boxing, Martial Arts, MMA, and Sports & Fitness Accessories including many more tailor-made to the customer's requirement. For a detailed list you can visit our website www.hapsgear.com

If you have any queries, please contact us. We will heartily appreciate if you provide us with your feedback and style specifications. Being an OEM, we will furnish goods that perfectly match your requirements.

For good business relations our company ensures you the timely delivery of goods and an excellent customer support. We can be of good help for substantial growth of your business.

Address: Defence Road, Tuheed Town, 16/A, Sialkot- 51310 - Pakistan
Tell: +92 52 3573045, 35733055 Online 24 Hour: +92 331 6114542  
E-mail: info@hapsgear.com , hap@hapsgear.com
sales@hapsgear.com , Skype: haproducts
URL: www.hapsgear.com
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