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We have update our website with leatest designs and many more other products. We will complete our work as soon as fast. Thank!
New Products:
We have updated various sections with our new collection.

M/s HAPs Gear is leading manufacturer and exporter of all types of Boxing Equipment, Martial Arts Uniforms, MMA Gear & Clothing, and Sports Wear & Equipment at competitive price.

We are supplying our products to Europe, Far East, Northern & Latin American countries. Our extended presence in this business since 1985 is attributed to the international standard of our products, confidence and trust of our customers in us.

Address: Defence Road, Tuheed Town, 16/A, Sialkot- 51310 - Pakistan
Tell: +92 52 3573045, 35733055 Online 24 Hour: +92 331 6114542  
E-mail: info@hapsgear.com , hap@hapsgear.com
sales@hapsgear.com , Skype: haproducts
URL: www.hapsgear.com
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